Vytac Spill Response Products

What is Neutralization?

Neutralization is a process by which hazardous materials (hazmats) are transformed into non-hazardous residues, thus rendered harmless. VYTAC™ Neutralizers are now recognized as an important element for spill response safety.

About Our Company

CARTIER has been producing innovative chemical specialties since 1939. Our lines cover many fields including environmental products, industrial degreasers and safety solvents, automotive detailing products, food industry cleaners, transportation cleaners and institutional maintenance chemicals. Some of our recent innovations include the AUTOSCRUB ECO series of ECOLOGO approved biodegradable high performance degreasers, AUTOSCRUB GOLD natural based degreaser series, AUTOSCRUB USC series of high performance formulations used in ultrasonic cleaning systems, AUTOSCRUB NB, a safe yet highly effective non-alkaline water-based degreaser designed for underground mining operations, the CONTROLE series of bio-hazard absorbants and the MAX series of high performance transport vehicle cleaners. Our products are marketed in Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Far East.

In the 1980’s, CARTIER launched its VYTAC™ series of neutralizers for hazardous materials. CARTIER has introduced the "INTEGRATED SPILL RESPONSE" concept to the market. This concept promotes the safety enhancement of using neutralizers alongside conventional absorbents and safety accessories. Our neutralizers and customized spill response kits, applying this concept, have found general acceptance in the Industrial sector, hospitals and universities in North America and worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide products and expertise that permit the Safest and most Economical response possible to Hazmat Spills.