High Performance Peat based oil absorbent

Absorber edge to contain and clean up spills easily, a natural product of peat, from Canada. The peat is subjected to a patented thermal process that leads to achieving the 3% moisture, which becomes oleophilic and hydrophobic qualities. Absorbs hydrocarbons and organic liquids instantly, upon contact, remove the oil by extraction. It is friendly to the environment, because biodegradation of hydrocarbons and derivatives, which has absorbed and converted into compost. Not leach. Absorbs from 9 to 12 times its weight. After applying reduced by 90% as fuel vapors has a high retention of volatiles.

We Are The Exclusive Quebec Distributor

High absorbing capacity (up to 12 times its weight).

Easy to use, fully retains oil and fluids, does not leach.

It is not toxic or dangerous after absorbing hydrocarbons.

Recover oil contaminated soils.

Oclansorb ® is a very light material that can be applied easily by hand, brush applicator, ... Oclansorb ® works equally well on land on a dry or wet surface.

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