VYTAC Neutralizers


VYTAC ACX Powder - Practical, easy to use and economical

VYTAC ACX Liquid - Practical, for spray application and process use

VYTAC ATF Liquid- No gas generation, for volatile acids and process use

VYTAC AGA Liquid- Both neutralizes and immobilizes, no gas generation, special applications

VYTAC ANA Powder –  Combined absorbent and neutralizer


VYTAC CS Liquid - Practical, for spray and manual application, low heat generation

VYTAC CS Powder - For direct use on dilute alkaline solutions, and process use

For Formaldehyde

VYTAC FNC Liquid - For emergency, institutional, and process use

VYTAC FNC 2C – 2 component systems for longer storage life for spill kit use

VYTAC FAS Powder - High performance absorbant, FNC neutralization compatible

VYTAC FNC LCX - Powder for process and institutional use

For Mercury

VYTAC MIS Powder - Fast efficient amalgamation / absorption, inhibits vapour emissions

VYTAC MVS Powder –  Vapour suppressant for dispersed mercury particles

VYTAC MIS 1 Kit –  Safe efficient kit for cleaning up small mercury spills. Contains  MIS and MVS

For Other Hazardous Materials

VYTAC OMNI – Neutralizer / Immobilizer for both acids and alkali with high visibility indicator

VYTAC GNF Liquid - Institutional and process neutralizer for glutaraldehyde

VYTAC VSP Powder - Vapour suppressant for highly flammable liquids, raises flash point

VYTAC HRX Powder - High performance absorbent for heavy water and radioactive liquid

VYTAC JCN Liquid - Quick, safe and efficient neutralizer for sodium hypochlorite solutions

VYTAC PX Liquid - Safe, efficient, neutralizer for hydrogen peroxide solutions

VYTAC HPBA Powder - Absorbant / neutralizer for hydrogen peroxide solutions

VYTAC BCN RTU –  RTU liquid battery cleaner and neutralizer with indicator